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Quintin Somerville

From a young age, it has been instilled in me by family, friends, coaches, and teachers that enough is never enough. Football has always been a large part of my life, as both my dad and brother were obsessed with the game long before I came along. I began my playing career in the second grade, and since the start have been following the path that I created when I was 7 years old. High school continued me on that path as I achieved things. I had always dreamed about growing up. I am blessed to know that this game allowed me to continue my education and playing career at the University of Los Angeles. Still following the path that I drew out at a young age.

My family did a great job of teaching me the importance of spreading knowledge and helping others in need through my family, as well as the trials and tribulations of life. I learned that it is impossible to get to the places you want to go without the help other others. This is why the phrase: everybody eats: is so important to me. It is clear in this world that you have to focus on yourself to find peace but focusing too much on yourself can lead you astray; elevating those around you will only increase your standard of excellence. The constant pursuit of excellence not only for myself but for those around me. This has led me to create this platform - For Athletes By Athletes. I hope to provide a diverse marketplace for all athletics giving everyone the opportunity to build their own brand of success and achieve their biggest dream.

"I want to stand for an ideal that positively changes the lives that I touch on a day-to-day basis." - Quintin Somerville

Makenzie 'Kenzie' Somerville

As a young softball player, I remember my aspirations to be just like those girls playing in high school and college. I wanted nothing more than to be successful and to compete at the highest level. I remember being the bat girl at the age of 6 for the Arizona State Sun Devils': young me thought that was the coolest thing ever. I was going to be on that field one day. I grew up as a fast-pitch pitcher who dedicated her childhood and young adult years to mastering her craft.

I was blessed to have had the support of my family to play travel ball and live out my dreams. I finished up my senior year at Corona Del Sol in Tempe, AZ, shortly after my father passed away from lung cancer in April of 2013. My father coached me for many years, and although I had the opportunity to play collegiately. The game just wants the same without him in the stands. In the 17 years, I had with my father, one of my biggest takeaways was that sports is a foundation to teach life skills, build lifelong relationships, and a way to express oneself. With the creation of For Athletes By Athletes, I aspire to keep my father's spirit alive by providing a platform for athletes to build their brand and to express themselves in a light that shows more than just an athlete.

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